APRO-PAP Whole Home Reverse Osmosis System

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APRO-PAP Reverse Osmosis System

plug-&-play RO-system with integrated UV and storage tank


• Patented, fully automatic
• Compact all in one system including prefiltration, post-filtration with the mineralization and UV
• High water recovery
• Built-in high efficiency prefiltration and auto-clean
• Inlet water concentration: iron up to 20 mg/L, hardness up to 25 mg-eqv/L
• Novel automatic antiscalant dosing
• 500 (optionally up to 2000 L) per hour
• Built-in 80 L (up to 150 L) permeate storage tank

* Price given for AP.RO PAP 500 (permeate 500 LPH) model
* Price excludes shipping
Supply times and product availability may vary. Please contact us for details info@aquaphor.eu

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