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  • 2014-07-27
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AQUAPHOR Favorite Water Filter

Compact and powerful stainless steel undersink water filter with separate tap

Aquaphor Favorite provides large capacity and high water filtration rate. High quality stainless steel filter housing is made for many years of the trouble free service. The stainless steel housing prevents corrosion, mechanical damage and withstands pressure up to 294 psi. It is easy to replace filter modules and only needs a small space under the sink. Composite two stage 1 micron cut-off carbon block cartridge provides superior removal of chlorine, rust and other organic impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts and viruses. With a high filtration rate of 150 liters per hour (2.5 L/min), this water purifier can be used by households and in restaurants, cafes, hospitals, schools, etc.


The multistage filter system provides deep purification of all main contaminants that exist in water. B150 filter cartridge has composite carbon-block structure. Its optimal combination of unique AQUALEN fibres and granular components, which effectively removes active chlorine, organic compounds and heavy metals from the water.

Overall dimensions of the water filter's housing as an assembly: 180 x 210 mm
Maximum working pressure of water: 0.65 MPa (6.3 Bar)
Replacement filter cartridge capacity: 12 000 L
Recommended filtration rate: 2.5 L/min
Weight: 3.9 kg

Aquaphor Favourite Schematics

The unit box should include:

Water filter (housing assembled with the replacement filter cartridge)
Control valve (G1/2)
Ceramic core faucet for clean water (with a set of gaskets as per illustration)
Flexible tube (one metre long)
Flexible tube (one metre long) with a inlet conical bushing
User manual

Aquaphor Favourite setting

Determine the best place to mount the faucet (1), water filter (2) and control valve (3). The tubing should be placed easily and without fracture, and it should be safe of damage and of being pulled out of the fittings.

NOTE: Use only the faucet provided in the set

Aquaphor B150 Favorite Installation Schematics

Installation of the clean water faucet:

Drill an 11.5-12.0 mm diameter hole in the determined place. Trim burrs;
Screw out the nut (12) off the faucet threaded bushing (1);
String decorative washer (4) and rubber gasket (5) on the faucet threaded bushing (1);
Install the faucet( 1) using washers provided (6; 7; 8) and screw on the nut (9) tight;
Insert the tubing (10) with conical bushing (11) into the faucet threaded bushing (1) and screw on the nut (12) tight against stop;
Check that all the tubing is connected fully firm.

Installation of the control valve:

Attention: Don't apply any tooling and force for the screw-tightening when the control valve is in the position turn off.

Aquaphor B150 Favorite Control Valve

Turn off water supply and relieve pressure;
Mount a pipe branching with internal thread g1/2;
Turn off clockwise the nut of the control valve (fig. 1, a) and move the plastic wrench towards the nut (fig. 1, b);
Holding the key, screw by hand the control valve (3) into the t-joint with thread packing (fig. 1, c);
Move the plastic wrench from the nut (fig. 1, d) and turn on anticlockwise the nut (fig. 1, e);
Tighten the thread by the plastic wrench (fig. 1, f);
Pull out the clip (13) from-under the plastic bushing of the control valve (installation fig.);
Insert the wetted tubing (14) into the control valve (3) at a 25 mm depth;
Insert the clip (13) under the plastic bushing of the control valve (3);
Check that all the tubing is connected fully firm.

Attaching the flexible tubes to the water filter:

Pull out the clips (13) from-under the plastic bushes of the inlet and outlet connecting pipes of the water filter (2);
Connect the faucet (2) with the outlet-connecting pipe (15) using the tubing (10).
Connect the control valve (3) with the inlet-connecting pipe (16) using the tubing (14). The wetted tubing should be inserted against stop at about 15 mm depth.
Insert the clips (13) under the plastic bushes of the inlet and outlet connecting pipes of the water filter (2). To disconnect the tubing, remove the clip (13) off the plastic bushing, push the latter on the collar in and draw the tubing out.

JG pipes connection manual guide

NOTE: Follow the IN and OUT pointers on the housing lid.

After installation and engaging of the water filter:

Turn on water supply; - turn on the faucet (1);
Adjust appropriate water flow, using the control valve (3);
Discard the fared water for 10-15 minutes;
Turn off the faucet; - make sure that there is no leakage;
Your filter is ready for operation.
After installation of a new cartridge discard the filtered water for 10 - 15 minutes.


For replacing the filter cartridge:
Turn off water supply. Relieve pressure by turning on the clean water filter. Attention: use the control valve (3) to turn off water supply for the time period necessary to replace the filter cartridge only. Operate with the control valve with your hand only. Some dripping from the faucet is allowed while the control valve is in the turn off position.
Disconnect flexible tubes off the water filter (2);
Unscrew the handle (17) and take off the clamp of the filter;
Take away the semi-housing and disconnect the filter cartridge off the connecting pipe;
Wash out the semi-housings, rubber gaskets (18) and plastic ring (19) from dirt;
Place a new filter cartridge, put it on the connecting pipe with hole without gag;
Assemble the filter, playing attention to correct placing of two rings (18) into the ring (19) and the ring (19) into the bottom semi-housing. Put on the clamp on the semi-housings and screw the handle (17) against stop;
Make sure that there is no leakage. Replace the filter cartridge in proper time.

The water filter should be installed by special trained personnel only.
If the filter was not used for more than 7 days, discard the filtered water for 5 minutes.
Use only fresh filtered water.
Do not expose the water filter to freezing temperatures. Guard from blows and falls.

The water filter cartridge is warranted by the Manufacturer for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and/or craftsmanship. Liability of the Manufacturer is limited to the cost of the purchased filter only.

Certified title: Multistage water purifier Aquaphor B150 model Aquaphor B150 Favorite

The Quality Management System in the AOUAPHOR Corp. is certified by TUV NORD CERT (Germany) according to ISO 9001:2008

More technical data can be found in:

AQUAPHOR FAVORITE B 150 User Manual.pdf (Google Docs, opens in new window)

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