Fitting of Aquaphor domestic water filters is easy

How does one connect and fit a filter bought on our website?

We are working hard to offer our customers the best possible prices for high quality Aquaphor domestic water filters and purifiers. Some of our products need to be fitted, therefore some specific skills are required. That is not a problem if you are a plumber or an experienced DIY person yourself. Our web site provides detailed step-by-step installation guides and manuals. Many helpful information can be found on YouTube, for example. A lot of detailed videos on how to fit most popular Aquaphor models, like DWM101 Morion Reverse Osmosis unit, can be found there.

If you don’t have required technical skills or just don’t want to bother, then your local plumber should be more then able to fit any of Aquaphor products. Aquaphor, as probably the most innovative manufacturer of home water filters, has invested a lot of efforts into making their products as easy to install and maintain as possible. Aquaphor Morion and Crystal feature patented “Click and Turn” system for hustle free cartridge replacement. offers full fitting and maintenance service for those of our customers who a located in Dublin. Our fitting partner is Dublin Plumbing and Gas company. Professional RGI certified and fully insured plumbers will provide all maintenance that Aquaphor filter requires including supply and fitting of replacement filter cartridges.

You can find and purchase Dublin fitting service offers on our website and by contacting Dublin Plumbing and Gas directly.

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