Reverse osmosis technology in household water purification

Aquaphor DWM101 Morion Reverse Osmosis System

Aquaphor Morion provides natural reverse osmosis drinking water purificationReverse osmosis (RO) is a natural process where membrane technology is used to purify water. Pressure is applied to a water solution to overcome the osmotic pressure and push water molecules through the membrane. Only smaller, i.e. water molecules, can pass through the membrane. Larger molecules and ions will stay on the other side of the osmosis membrane.

Reverse osmosis filtering should be considered if the contamination level of your tap water is too high for simple charcoal/carbon water filters. RO is also the only filtration method that can fully remove fluoride from the water.


Aquaphor DWM101 Morion is a unique water filter with natural minerals for complete purification, softening and anti-bacterial protection.


Aquaphor Morion Reverse Osmosis has compact designCompact design of DWM101 provides advanced water filtration speed comparing to other reverse osmosis systems. Morion can operate even if the water main pressure is as low as 1.86 Bar. That’s impressive because Aquaphor RO does not have a built-in compressor comparing to other ROs that require to pump up water if the pressure is low. Morion just doesn’t need it, therefore there is no extra noise and power consumption. DWM101 also saves up to 9 metric tons of water annually that is usually wasted by its competitors for flushing the water tank.


Reverse osmosis is a slow process. RO water filters need a tank to store filtered water in order to instantly provide required amount of it to the user. Aquaphor Morion has a 5 litres built-in storage tank, comparing to other RO systems that store water in separate canisters. That saves precious space under your sink and just makes it look better.


Aquaphor Morion RO adds healthy minerals to the waterReverse osmosis is such an efficient way of water purification that is filters out not just unwanted impurities but also healthy minerals. Aquaphor Morion has a special cartridge that enriches filtered water with healthy quantities of required minerals including K+, Ca and Mg2+. Strictly speaking, you are getting a source of mineral water right in your kitchen. The concentration of mineral elements in water ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 mg µ/ppm which has positive effect on human body and adds to the harmonisation of biological processes.


Tasty and useful water that Aquaphor Morion reverse osmosis system provides is recommended for baby food.


More on Aquahpor Morion Reverse Osmosis can be found on a dedicated product page HERE

Aquaphor Morion Reverse Osmosis complies with the highest quality standardsAquaphor patented technologies are used in Morion Reverse Osmosis

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