RO-31 Ultra Compact Reverse Osmosis System

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RO-31 Ultra Compact Reverse Osmosis System

Absolutely pure water with the perfect pH balance and optimized minerals
Perfect taste of coffee and tea
Complete lack of scale
Crystal clear water is created right in front of your eyes
Always physiologically complete drinking water with a salinity of 0.2-0.5 mEq/Liter


Ultra-compact: fits under every sink
Tank less: filtered water is collected in a jug
Operates at low mains pressure: from 1.47 Bar (0.147 MPa)
Universal: special attachment to fill up water bottles and canisters, including those for water cooler bottles
High performance: up to 100 Gallons (380 Litres per day)
Automatic control
Click & Turn easy cartridge replacement
Aquaphor RO-31 is a compact direct-flow reverse osmosis water filtration system. It makes tap water clean and rich with healthy minerals. Clean water is collected into a handy water pitcher instead of a massive storage tank that rarely fits under the sink. The drinking water is always fresher and healthier than in traditional RO systems. RO-31 fills the pitcher of 2.3L in some 15-30 minutes. Once the pitcher is full the connector unplugs automatically. You can put it into a refrigerator to save kitchen space even more. While in the pitcher the water is enriched with Magnesium for better taste and health benefits. All the parts of RO-31 are approved for contact with water – they are made from safe materials and don't contain BPA.


Dimensions: 39 x 10 x 42 cm
Filtration Speed: 7.8 - 15.6 liters/hour
Filtered water / drain ratio: 1/4 - 1/6
Minimum operations main water pressure: 1.47 Bar

Sample contaminant reduction:

Mechanical impurities (colloidal iron, turbidity, etc): 100%
Ions of heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, etc): 99.99%
Active chlorine: 100%
Hardness salts (scale): 99%, does not require regeneration
The anions (nitrate, nitrite): 99%
Bacteria: 100%
Viruses: 99%

Healthy minerals: Mg2+, Ca2+
No limescale: Fresh tasty water

User Manual and Installation Guide (ENG)

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