Topaz Tap Attachable Carbon Block Water Purifier with Aqualen and Microcristalline Silver

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  • Brand: Aquaphor
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Tags: Portable Filters

Mulistage Tap Attachable Water Purifier Aquaphor Topaz with Aqualentm and Microcristalline Silver


Stylish attachment to the tap with a mode switch (purify/non-purify). The compact carbon block filter, it can be fastened to almost any tap and deeply purifies the water.
Fits most modern kitchen taps on the market. All required is a standard 22mm external or 24mm internal thread (usually can be accessed by removing the aerator from the tip of the tap).


Filter life: 750 L


Chlorine: 100%
Petrochemicals: 98%
Phenol: 99%
Pesticides: 95%
Heavy metals: 98%

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