Tap Attachable Water Filter B300

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Tap Attachable Water Filter Aquaphor B300


This is the very first faucet filter released by Aquaphor. The B300 is connected to the faucet and has a flexible valve. It can be connected to any faucet using the special connector included.

Most compact
This filter has the smallest size among faucet water filters.

Fits any faucet
Using connector included in the box can be attached to virtually any faucet.

Bactericidal properties
Contain ions of silver ingrained in fibrous adsorbent to reduce bacteria


B300M - Replacement filter for Aquaphor B300. Through a combination of fibrous and granular adsorbents, it deeply purifies the tap water from all common contaminants including chlorine, lead and sediment impurities.


Weight: 0.2 kg
Effective Filtration Rate: 0.3 Litres/Minute (18 Litres/Hour)
Filter Life: 1000 Litres

Contaminents reduction:
Phenol 99.5%
Benzol 99%
Pesticides 95%
Lead 99.5%
Cadmium 99%

US Patent Nr.6,229,771

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