Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Aquaphor Crystal H

Q: Will the aquaphor crystal h remove limescale with the cartridges included, or would i need to get different cartridges. i don't think it comes with kh ?

A: Aquaphor Crystal H comes with KH cartridge that removes limescale. There is no need to purchase KH cartridge separately. Lifetime of the cartridge is maximum 6000L or 1.5 years, however actual lifetime will depend on how hard water is in your area. In areas with very hard water KH cartridge may require more frequent replacement or regeneration with salt water (see user manual). You will notice that the cartridge needs replacement once the scale will start coming back. 

Morion RO

Q: Could you clarify, what, if any, difference there is between the Morion 100 (Ireland) and Morion DWM-101
A: The 100 model comes with 100 Gallons per Day membrane, while 101S has 50 GPD membrane. With the 100 tank fills up twice faster, its advisable in there are more then 4 people in the household. Replacement 100 GPD membrane is also twice more expensive. Second difference is that the 100 model comes with K7B post-filter instead of K7M. It does not add healthy minerals to the water but is useful when you leave home fore a let say a week and use the filtered water from the unit's tank: you don't have to drain it first as K7B filters it from any possible bacteria. We don't have the 100 model in stock at the time.