About Filter Jugs

Reasons you would love having a pitcher filter:

Better taste and smell of water and drinks

Reduces chlorine and its annoying odor in tap water. Also makes water transparent filtering out sediment and other visible contaminants.

Makes every drop cleaner

Purifies 6 to 8 cups of tap water at a time. Reduces common contaminants in tap water such as rust, chlorine, lead and phenol. Thanks to AQUALEN, there are no bypasses for unfiltered water — no drop is left unattended.

Simple and easy to use

Does not require installation or complex set up process. Fill it up with tap water and let it run through the filter. Fresh drinking water is ready. Good to go if you live in a rent an apartment.

Safe Eco-friendly materials

Pitchers are made of food-grade materials allowed for contact with drinking water. Completely BPA-free. Recycle aged pitcher according to your local regulations.

Pitchers filters are classics of drinking water purification. They are beautiful and affordable, and easy to use. And they have downsides:

Replace filters every couple of months following user manual. When filter capacity is exhausted it becomes useless.

Pitcher filter has limited capacity to soften water and prevent scale formation. Softening effect may end sooner than filtration capacity depending on water hardness.

Designed to purify municipal tap water. Filtering water from other sources with a pitcher could improve its quality but may be not enough to drink it safely.

Do not store filtered water for more than few hours outside of the fridge. Without chlorine, there is nothing to prevent its re-contamination.

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