• Viking Midi Water Filter Housing (425mm)

Viking Midi Water Filter Housing (425mm)

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Aquaphor Viking Midi Stainless Steel Water Filter Housing


With Viking Midi you will enjoy clean water for bathing and washing and effect it will have on your health. Viking Midi provides all benefits of Viking in a smaller sized body.

* Filters are sold separately and are not included with the housing


Size: 425 x 180 x 180 mm
Cartridge Size:

Weight: 3 kg


B515-13 Cold Water (Filter life: 60 000 L, Filtration rate: 15 L/min, Water Temperature +5 - +40oC)

Chlorine: 100%
Chloroform: 99.5%
Phenol: 98%
Petrochemicals: 99%
Pesticides: 97%
Lead: 99,5%
Copper: 98%
Cadmium: 99%
B515-14 Hot Water (Filter life: 30 000 L, Filtration rate: 15 L/min)
Chlorine: 100%
Chloroform: 99.5%
Phenol: 98%
Petrochemicals: 99%
Pesticides: 97%
Lead: 99,5%
Copper: 98%
Cadmium: 99%

Viking Series
Aquaphor Viking - the only filter that can purify all water in a house or an apartament, not only from rust and sand, but also chlorine, organic chemicals and heavy metals. Aquaphor Viking will not only allow you to enjoy clean drinking water, but also cleaner water for washing and bathing, ensuring that everyone can experience benefits from improved health and beauty.
Aquaphor Viking is a a very powerful water purification tool. Thanks to its stainless steel body Viking will serve you for many years.
Viking is easy to install even in the hard to reach places.

AQUAPHOR Viking housings are used in a set with replacement filter cartridges for cold or hot tap water purification.

Cartridges have composite carbon-block structure. Its optimal combinations of unique AQUALEN fibrous and granular components provide a supreme performance of removing different impurities from the tap water.

The housings are produced in three versions of different standard size: AQUAPHOR Viking, AQUAPHOR Viking Midi, and AQUAPHOR Viking Mini.

Depending on the used replacement cartridge AQUAPHOR Viking can carry out various tasks on purification of water:

Replacement filter cartridge B520-13 (B515-13, B505-13) - complex purification of cold water. Cartridge effectively removes chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, sediment, sand and rust particles in water.
Replacement filter cartridge B520-14 (B515-14, B505-14) - complex purification of hot water. Cartridge effectively removes organic compounds, heavy metals, sediment, sand and rust particles in water.


Installation of the water filter housing:
  • Turn off water supply and relieve pressure;
  • Determine the best place to mount the holder (1). Allow about 20 mm under the housing and serviceability for easy filter cartridge replacement. Mind: the holder's operating load is about 15 kg;
  • Take the holder off the water filter;
  • Drill a hole in determined place and fix the holder on the wall;
  • Place the filter cartridge into the filter housing, assemble the water filter and fix it on the holder.

Connection of the water filter housing to the water-pipe:
  • Use metal-plastic or copper pipes.
  • The internal thread of the connecting pipe should be G3/4 for quick junction connecting. While assembling follow the fig. 2 scheme.

After installation of a new filter cartridge:
  • Turn on water supply;
  • Open slowly cold water valve to adjust the recommended flow rate;
  • Discard the filtered water for 15-20 minutes;
  • Your filter is ready for operation.

Replacing the filter cartridge:
  • Turn off water supply and relieve pressure;
  • Unscrew the coupling nuts (4) and disconnect the quick junction (3);
  • Having turned off the handle (6), take off the locking plate (5) from the holder (1 );
  • Take off the filter from the holder (1) and pour out surplus of water; - unscrew the handle (7) and take away the water filter clamp;
  • Take away the upper semi-housing and disconnect the filter cartridge of the connecting pipe;
  • Wash out the semi-housings, rubber gaskets (8) and plastic ring (9) from dirt;
  • Place a new filter cartridge;
  • Assemble the filter, providing proper placing of two rings (8) into the ring (9) and the ring (9) into the bottom semi-housing;
  • Put the clamp on the semi-housings and screw the handle (7) against stop;
  • Place the assembled filter on the holder (1). NOTE: Follow the IN and OUT pointers on the manifold (fig. 2);
  • assemble the quick junction (3) having screwed the coupling nuts (4) against stop;
  • Place the locking plate (5) on the holder (1) and screw the handle (6);
  • Turn on water supply and make sure that there is no leakage.
  • Replace the filter cartridge on time.

The water filter should be installed by specially trained personnel only.
If the filter was not used for more than 7 days, discard the filtered water for 5 minutes.
Use only fresh filtered water.
Do not expose the water filter to freezing temperatures.
Guard from blows and falls.

Aquaphor Viking Water Filter Housing User Manual.pdf (Google Docs, opens in new window)