Compact Water Filter Jug 1.5 L, Orange

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Aquaphor supports your aspiration for the ultimate mobility with our new launch - Aquaphor Compact water filter jug. With its removable handle and concise shape, Compact can serve a guarding companion if you are a frequent traveler and the world is your home. The replacement filter irreversibly reduces harmful substances from the city water.

Jasper water filter jug is equipped with the Aquaphor B25 replacement filter. It reduces chlorine, rust, lead and other contaminants found in tap water with a greater price/quality ratio compared to other popular brands. The Aquaphor B25 has the popular oval fit and suits classic jugs of other brands made in EU or the US.
Pitcher Capacity
1.5 L (6 cups)
Filter life
200 L

Technical specification

Filter Capacity (total volume): holds 1.5 L (6 cups) of filtered water 
Funnel Volume (filtered water volume): 0.9 L (3 cups) per funnel 
Filtration rate: 3 -10 min per funnel 
Lid style: flip-top
Replacement cartridge: B25 MAXFOR (Maxtra compatible)
Compatible cartridge: B25 Mg
Filter life: 200 L (52 gallons)
Replacement: every 2 months
Filter life indicator: no

How it works

Once prepared for use in accordance with the owners’ manual, the filter jug purifies water poured into the funnel by running it through the filter under the force of gravity. The filter cartridge irreversibly traps contaminants, thanks to a patented sorption mix with Aqualen.

Replace the filter timely. In case your water has a high level of sediment or other contaminates, the filter may require earlier replacement.

What it filters

The Aquaphor Jasper reduces common contaminates found in tap water

Reduces:sand, silt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury, organic compounds like pesticides, phenols and remains of drugs 
Water minerals: reduces excessive hardness

Discover more about Aquaphor water purification technologies in this video

*This product is aimed at tap water purification. It is not recommended to use B25 for microbiologically unsafe water.

**Reduced contaminants may not be present in all users’ water.

How to use an Aquaphor Compact with Maxtra fit replacement filter B25

Prior to the first usage, hand-wash the jug, the funnel and the lid with a mild detergent. Place the funnel inside the jug. Soak the filter in water for 10 minutes and install it into the funnel. Check that the filter sits firmly in its socket. Fix the lid on top of the jug. Fill the funnel with tap water, let it run through the filter and then discard (repeat this step two times). Your Compact jug is ready to filter!

Reasons to love having a filter jug

Better tasting drinks
Reduces the annoying chlorine taste and odour from tap water, and filters out sediment and other visible contaminants for clearer, brighter water.
Makes every drop cleaner
Purifies 6 to 8 glasses at a time, reducing common and more intricate contaminants so that no drop is left unattended.
Simple and easy to use
Filter jugs are as intuitive and simple as they get; just fill with tap water and let it run through the filter cartridge. The jug comes ready to use and replacing the filter takes just a few minutes.
Safe and Eco-friendly
Filter jugs are made of safe BPA-free materials. Whilst using this system instead of bottled water reduces plastic waste, the jug and filter cartridges should be recycled when worn-out.