Crystal Solo (K2)

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Aquaphor Crystal Solo Separate Tap Under Sink Direct Flow Water Filter

(3 Micron)


The smallest filter with a separate faucet that provides high-quality water treatment at an affordable price. The filter module has a stylish covering made from durable plastic (homopolymer of polypropylene). It is recyclable and has an environment-friendly production process. It takes up minimal space and safely cleans water of any chlorine, organic compounds and other impurities. Recommended pre-treatment of water to remove sediment impurities.

Deep purification

Removes all common impurities including chlorine, lead and bacteria.

Recommended Pre-treatment

Filter requires protection from large concentration of sediment.


K2 - Replacement filter for deep purification of drinking water. Reduces all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 3μm. Replaced with housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria. An optimal combination of powdered and fibrous sorbents effectively removes active Chlorine, heavy metals and organic compounds. Aquaphor replacement filters are manufactured according to the Carbon Block Technology. Carrbon Block is a super compact microporous media with a high content of coconut GAC and ion-exchange fiber Aqualentm. Also contains clustered microcrystalline Silver as a bactericidal additive.


Size: 90x260 mm
Filter life: 4000 L
Filtration rate: 1,5 L/min


Chlorine: 100%
Petrochemicals: 95%
Phenol: 98%
Pesticides: 97%
Heavy metals: 95%
Lead: 90%


Ultrafiltration (Crystal Solo B)

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