Morion DWM-101S Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Machine with Mineralisation

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Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion Reverse Osmosis Drinking Machine with Mineralisation

DWM makes a premium quality water right from what's in your tap. Apart from removing harmful substances and hardness, it conditions you water with a balanced mix of useful minerals. It is a versatile professional water treatment appliance for your house. Fits any family and household.

Technical specifications

  • Size (H x W x D):    42 x 19 x 37 cm (16.5 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches)
  • Weight:    6.2 kg (13.7 lb)
  • Tank volume:    5 L (1.3 Gal)
  • Filtration rate:    40-60 min to fill tank
  • Treatment performance:    190 L/day (50 Gal/day)
  • Treated/Drained ratio:    1 : 5
  • Inline mains water pressure:    1.9 - 6.3 Bar (27.6–91.4 psi) recommended
  • Note: minimum opereating in-line water mains pressure should be not less than 1.85 Bar
  • Water temperature:    5–38 °C (41–100 °F)
  • Mineralisation:    0.56 - 1.4 °dH (10 - 25 ppm)
  • pH after DWM:    6 - 7
  • Replacement filters:    К5, К2, Membrane, K7M
  • Replace: K5 and K2 every 6 months, K7M every year, K50S every 1.5 years
  • Faucet:    separate for drinking water
This model is a perfect match with one of our optional high quality full stainless steel three-way kitchen taps:

Contaminant reduction

Aquaphor DWM 101 dramatically reduce hardness and harmful substances found in tap water. They include:
  • hardness (limescale)
  • sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
  • chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
  • metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • petrochemicals
  • phenols
  • nitrates, nitrites
  • pharmaceuticals, including hormones and antibiotics
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • cysts
It also conditions water with a balanced mix of healthy minerals, including Magnesium and Calcium.

Replacement cartridges

DWM has all the stages of a professional drinking-water treatment plant: preparation, membrane separation and enrichment. During membrane separation molecules of water are extracted from the tap stream, and all impurities, including hardness, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and hormones, are washed down the drain. Then the water is enriched with potassium and magnesium to improve the taste and health benefits.

Aquaphor K5 Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge

(5 Micron)
Replacement sediment filter manufactured from 100% Polypropylene. It is used to retain solid particles such as sand and rust. Protects further stages of filtration and extends life of home appliances.
Replaced as one piece. If needed, can be disassembled.

Aquaphor K2 Sorption Treatment and Purification Water Filter Cartridge

(3 Micron)
Replacement filter for deep purification of drinking water. Reduces all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 3μm. Replaced with housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria.

Aquaphor K7M Mineralising Water Filter Cartridge

Replacement cartridge for water conditioning. Enriches water with useful minerals for better taste and improved balance of salts.
Replaced as one piece with the housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria.

Aquaphor RO-50S Reverse Osmosis Membrane (50 Gallons-per-Day)

Installation of Aquaphor Morion DWM RO-101S

Installation and service in Dublin

Aquaphor Dublin Store provides installation of this, or any other Aquaphor water filter system in Dublin city and county. Service in Ireland otside Dublin also available at an extra cost.

Please contact us for details: 
Phone: (0) 1 910 8923

* This service is fully insured and performed by auhtorised installers

** Two years warranty period

*** This system requires minimum mains pressure 1.85 Bar. In some rural residential areas with old mains piping pressure may be low. If the pressure is lower than 1.85 Bar, we can install additional reverse osmosis pressure booster pump. Price of the booster pump is €100


How is DWM-101S different from DWM-101:

DWM-101S uses improved design RO-50S reverse osmosis membrane cartridge. Previous DWM-101 has K50 (RO-50) membrane featuring wastewater tube reaching out from the bottom of the cartridge towards the top of the filter unit.

More details about this product in the user and installation guide:

DWM-101S User Manual.pdf

Body Material
Cartridge Life
Recommended: 3-6 months for K5, 6 months for K2 and K7M, 1 year for Membrane. Depends on contamination
Filter Type
Under the counter system
Filtration Method
Reverse Osmosis Ultra-filtration
Filtration Rate
190 Liters/Day, Storage tank for filtered water
Incoming Water Pressure
Minimum 28 psi / 1.9 Bar
Main Colour
Yes, 99%
Replacement Cartridges
K2, K3, K7M (or K7), K50 Aquaphor RO Membrane. NB Aquaphor Push & Turn cartridges only!
Requires Installation
Separate Tap
371 x 420 x 190 mm
Tank for Filtered Water Storage
Tank Volume
5 Liters "Water-on-Water"
Shipping Weight app. 8 kg
< 0.0001 Micron
Giardia Cysts
100% at any initial hardness
Ions of Heavy Metals
Organic Contaminants
Total Mineralisation