Provance Water Filter Jug, Black

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Brand: Aquaphor
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Aquaphor Provance

- Elegant design inspired by nature
- Stable housing made of unbreakable BPA-free plastic
- Water tank in a jug 3 liters
- The replacement cartridge is enough for 2 months in a family of 3 people


Effective filter jug improves taste and odor of your drinking water by dramatically reducing harmful substances found in tap water.
Pitcher has an increased filter life, easy-fill sliding lid and an indicator of remaining filter life for your convenience.
All parts are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.


Jug capacity: 4.2 L (17 x 8 oz cups.) 

Funnel capacity: 2 L (8 x 8 oz. cups ) 

Filtration rate: 3-10 min 

Lid style: flip-top (lift-up, no need to remove to fill up)

Replacement cartridge: B5 (one cartridge included)

Compatible cartridge: B5 (B100-5), B6 (B100-6), B7 (B100-7), B8 (B100-8), A5

Filter life: 300 L 

Replace: every two months 

Filter life indicator: Mechanical

Shipping Weight: 0.9 Kg

Jug Size: 275 x 190 x 185 mm

Box Size: 280 x 190 x 190 mm

Contaminant Reduction

Aquaphor filter cartridges dramatically reduce most harmful substances found in tap water, including:
- sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
- chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
- metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
- petrochemicals
- phenols
- large bacteria

B5 Cartridge

A filter cartridge for Aquaphor water pitchers. Significantly reduces virtually all harmful impurities from tap water, improves its color, taste and odor. Increased filter life — 300 liters. Equipped with a convenient calendar reminder.

Can be changed for B6 (B100-6) softening cartridge if required


Convenient calendar reminder

Convenient calendar reminder tells you when to replace the filter cartridge. An exhausted cartridge will not harm your water but it is useless — do not forget to replace it on time!

Sophisticated filter life counter

Aquaphor’s filter life counter reflects the actual filter life of the cartridge. This approach allows us to fully utilize the inherent cartridge life so that you only replace cartridges as necessary.

Ease of use

Aquaphor pitchers are ergonomically designed to account for the human hand, which makes using Aquaphor pitchers even more convenient.


Kids are safe

Tap water may contain harmful substances, including chlorine, lead and bacteria. They can damage your and your kid's health. Aquaphor is a versatile protection against all contaminants for your and your family.

Skin is soft

Defeat chlorine, rust and bacteria with filtration system and get skin care right from the tap. It soothes intolerant skin and never provoke tightness.

Food is good

Water can effect the taste of your food. Explore the way dishes was meant to taste. Pure water is perfect for tea and coffee brewing, soups and bakery.

Wallet is okay

When buy bottled water, you pay 1% for the water itself and 99% for bottle, preservatives and logistics. But today, all tap water in your home can become completely pure and soft with no need to pay more.