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Enrich your product line with superior quality Aquaphor water filters

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Expand kitchen design with Aquaphor Viking Series water filters

Aquaphor ‘Favorite’ and Viking series are sleek looking water filters that fulfill each other. Viking pre-purifies water for the whole house guarding washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances. It also enhances bathing experience. ‘Favorite’ provides powerful fine filtration for drinking water.

Both water filter units have reliable stainless steel bodies that will serve for many years. Filter cartridges feature patented AQUAPHOR technology Aqualen and Silver Ions. Cartridges can be replaced easily once a year (depending on the level of potable water contamination).

Viking Mini or Midi water filters can be placed under the kitchen sink and connected to the mains water line: there is no need for a separate tap. Viking filters provide more efficient direct flow water purification than any other conventional carbon block filter.

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Think about power, better filtration rate and reduced pressure losses

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