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UV Water Filters for Rainwater Harvesting
Use of locally collected rainwater for household use is an increasing tendency in many European countries. That could be a quick and effective solution for civilian potable water supply problem. Mayor advantage of using rainwater is the decrease of the consumption of regular surface or ground sourced potable water. That is also saving scarce resources and is good for environment.

UV lamp water filter that kills over 99.9% of all known bacteria and viruses used in combination with Aquaphor Viking water filter provide reliable rainwater purification for your rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater contains less contaminants than surface of ground sources water because it has no contact with soil and rock formations and therefore doesn't dissolve salts and minerals. However, rainwater will be contaminated with anything that can be found on the surface is collected from, i.e. roof, house top etc. These contaminants may include heavy metals, bacteria and some viruses. Such water should be properly filtered before it can be used for bathing and other household needs. Main elements of rainfall water purification could be a powerful Aquaphor Viking water filter and Ultraviolet sterilising filter. Both units come with durable and reliable stainless steel bodies and comply with EU health and safety regulations.
Aquaphor Viking Filter Housing

Aquaphor Viking equipped with powerful Aquaphor B520-13 filter cartridge gets rid of heavy metals and most of the bacteria found in rainwater while a powerful UV sterilizing lamp eliminates the rest of the bacteria and viruses. These two components are essential if you would like to use harvested rainwater for bathing.

Viking filter is fitted where the rainwater enters the attic storage tank. Filter comprises of a powerful and reliable food grade stainless steel body and an Aquaphor B520-13 two-stage carbon block replacement cartridge. B520-13 module consists of two coaxial carbon blocks: external block is made of activated carbon granules and fibres of ion exchange material Aqualen with a porosity of 20 microns; internal block is highly dense with a porosity of 5 microns. Silver ions dynamic fixation is also used in B520-13 to provide bacterial safety. Thanks to this unique design, water is cleaned of sediment impurities and contaminants such as chlorine, with a negligible drop in water supply pressure. Filter also removes any unwanted taste and smell.

Ultraviolet sterilisers are used to remove viruses and bacteria from the water. Water gets into the stainless steel body of the UV filter and flows along the powerful quartz glass protected mercury lamp in the middle of the filter. UV rays have a destructive effect on DNA and RNA molecules in cells of bacteria and micro-organisms. Water leaves the UV filter fully sterilised and ready for consumption. Ultraviolet water purification has one indisputable advantage over traditional disinfection technologies: no additional elements, such as chlorine or fluoride are added to the water.

Ultravilet Water Filter
The primary usage for a UV light is to disinfect filtered water at a certain flow rate. The Bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms are destroyed by the UV interfering with the DNA and RNA in the organisms\' reproductive cycles. Ultraviolet light kills over 99% of harmful bacteria in point-of-use filter systems and is FDA approved for disinfecting filtered water. The easily replaceable bulb is housed in a stainless steel tube and has a 9000 hour life. If your water source is known to be unsafe with micro-organisms and you want to have extra protection, then you can add an UV as an additional stage to disinfect water.

The UV lamp stays on continuously. As the water flows around the lamp, it is irradiated by the ultraviolet light. Water flow is restricted to 12 GPM (48 Litres per minute) to allow time for the UV light to be effective. The lamp slides into a quartz tube which is sealed from the water and a purple colour shows through the plastic flow fittings while it is operational.

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