Aquaphor Trio User Manual and Installation Guide
Trio provides high-quality water treatment and the convenience of a separate faucet for a low initial price and maintenance costs. Located under the sink, Trio takes up little space and is a valuable addition for even the smallest of kitchens.


Attention! Before installing the filter it is necessary to measure the pressure, and if it is greater than 6.3 ATM, put the pressure regulator with no consumable mode.

Find a suitable location for the faucet for clean water (1), water purifier housing (2) and input connection (input for the faucet is not included) to the water pipe (see diagram). Pay attention to make certain that connecting pipes pass freely without fractures. Free tube sites should be secured so that they cannot be damaged or pulled out from their connections by accident.

Caution: use only the faucet with the ceramic pair (the faucet for clean water) (1) included in this package. The use of other faucets releases the manufacturer from responsibility for possible consequences.

Aquaphor Trio Schematics

Installation of faucet for clean water:

- Drill into the sink (table top) (18) a hole with diameter 11.5 -12 mm;

- Screw together the adapter nut (12) and the threaded shank of the faucet (1); slide the large rubber gasket (5) onto the shaft of the faucet (1) and slide the threaded shank of the faucet (1) onto the decorative base (4) and into the opening of the sink;

- From below the sink, put rubber (6), plastic (7), and metal (8) lock shim onto the threaded shaft and screw a fixing nut (9) onto the shaft of the faucet (1). Insert the tube (10) end with pressed metallic bushing (11) and screw the adapter nut (12) all the way;

- Check the strength of the tube fixing (10). At 8 to 10 kg pulling force, the tube must not be removed.

Connection to the water pipe:

Attention: when connecting the connection node (3) one should not apply significant force in order to avoid causing damage. In the event of any mechanical damage to the connection node (3) improper installation and usage claims will not be accepted.

Turn off the cold water supply and relieve excess pressure; make sure the sealing gasket (3A) is in the connection node (3);
Embed the connection node (3) in the pipeline (17). If necessary, use Teflon tape to seal the external groove. - Turn off the connection node (to "valve closed") and by admitting water, check the tightness of the connection (no leaks);
Pull out the clip (13) from under the plastic bushing of ball valve of the connection node (3);
Dampen the pipe (14) by water and insert it into the bushing of ball valve of the connection node (3); be sure to stop at a depth of approximately 15 mm; Insert the clip (13) under the plastic bushing of ball valve of the connection node (3); check the pipe (14): the pipe (14) must not be removed when it is pulled with force of 8-10 kg.

Installation and connection of the water purifier:

Fasten water purifier so there is at least 10 cm left of space from the bottom for easy replacement of filter cartridges.
Remove the housing clips from under the inlet and outlet plastic plugs of the water purifier (13) and by clicking on the end surface of the plastic bushing, remove the filler bracket. The tube, previously dampened with water, is inserted all the way to a depth of not less than 15 mm.
Connect the free end of the pipe (14) from the input valve to the input of the water purifier; connect the free end of the tube (10) from the faucet for clean water to the output of the water purifier, Insert the clips (13) under the inlet and outlet plastic bushing of filter housing. To disconnect each tube (if necessary) remove the clip (13) from under the plastic bushing, press on the end of the plastic sleeve and pull out the tube. It is important not to confuse the input and output of the water purifier; pay attention to the arrows on the housing cover.

After installation and connection of the water purifier:

For AQUAPHOR TRIO, AQUAPHOR TRIO NORMA, and AQUAPHOR TRIO (for water with high iron concentrations):

Open the cold water supply and make sure that the water purifier is sealed; open the faucet (1) for clean water; Use the input valve to adjust the rate of water passing the filter in accordance with the recommended filtration rate;
Flush the water purifier with water for 10 minutes. Turn off the faucet and let it stay for 10 minutes, then flush the water purifier for 50 minutes more.
Close the faucet for clean water. Make sure the joints are sealed;
The water purifier is now ready for use.
Aquaphor product comply with all major internationally recognised quality standards

Aquaphor Trio setting

Quality means everything

How to make the world’s best filters? It takes efficient technologies, the right materials and quality control at all stages of production (process).

Each of our 70+ patents represent a scientific discovery or invention which increases the effectiveness of your water filter.
Everything that we acquire for the production of filters — such as plastics, activated carbon and resins — undergoes strict quality control. Although we only work with the best international suppliers (e.g. BASF, John Guest, Mitsubishi, Purolite), Aquaphor Research Center examines every batch of acquired materials and constantly monitors the quality of the product.

Aquaphor undergoes annual certification according to ISO 9001 standard, and our filters got NSF and LGA certificated.

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