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Aquaphor Morion DWM-101 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Machine
DWM makes a premium quality water right from what's in your tap. Apart from removing harmful substances and hardness, it conditions you water with a balanced mix of useful minerals. It is a versatile professional water treatment appliance for your house.
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Provides premium water quality

Adds recommended minerals to your drinking water
(K+, Mg2+)

Protects against bacteria, viruses and cysts

Enhances your lifestyle

Eliminate bottled-water costs (save money)


With DWM you always get healthy drinking water, regardless of its initial quality. Thanks to DWAY technology, water is enriched with a balanced blend of natural minerals such as potassium and magnesium. The concentration of mineral elements in water ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 mg. eq (ppm) which has beneficial effects for your body and contributes to the harmonization of biological processes.

Water-on-water storage tank reduces the amount of drainage water in half (saving up to 9000 liters per year), reduces operating costs by 50% and allows DWM to operate under reduced incoming line pressure without additional equipment (i. e. a booster pump). Furthermore, the DWM tank is located inside the housing which considerably reduces the size of the system.

CFB is a technology used in production of carbon block cartridges using Aqualen fiber. Cartridges produced using this technology are more effective and durable, even in heavily contaminated water.

Computer simulation technology ICM contributes to the best choice of materials and design for Aquaphor products. During simulation we test the resilence, durability and other characteristics of the filters which are important in terms of use. For example, ICM allowed DWM to achieve a pressure rating five times greater than required (up to 30 atmospheres).

Despite the technological complexity, Aquaphor water filters are ergonomic and easy to use. To replace the used cartridges you do not need any special skills or tools. Just push the button and turn the cartridge.

With technology HSS, using Aquaphor filters is even more convenient and safe. Cartridges are replaced along with the casing to eliminate your contact with the accumulated contaminates. This is for the health of you and your family.
Size (H x W x D):    42 x 19 x 37 cm (16.5 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches)
Weight:    6.2 kg (13.7 lb)
Tank volume:    5 L (1.3 Gal)
Filtration rate:    40-60 min to fill tank
Treatment performance:    190 L/day (50 Gal/day)
Treated/Drained ratio:    1 : 5
Tap pressure:    1.9-6.3 bar (27.6–91.4 psi) recommended
Water temperature:    5–38 °C (41–100 °F)
Mineralization:    0.56 - 1.4 °dH (10 - 25 ppm)
pH after DWM:    6 - 7
Replacement filters:    К5, К2, Membrane, K7M
Replace:    —every 3-6 months for K5,
—every 6 months for K2 and K7M,
—every year for Membrane
Faucet:    separate for drinking water

Aquaphor DWM 101 dramatically reduce hardness and harmful substances found in tap water. They include:
  • hardness (limescale)
  • sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
  • chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
  • metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
  • petrochemicals
  • phenols
  • nitrates, nitrites
  • pharmaceuticals, including hormones and antibiotics
  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • cysts
  • It also conditions water with a balanced mix of healthy minerals, including magnesium.

Premium water from your tap

DWM — is a professional water treatment machine for your house. Ordinary tap water becomes healthy while drinks and meals prepared with such water taste better. Discover the real flavors of tea and coffee and get become inspired by the true taste of home-cooked meals.

Optimal mineralization

The optimal concentration of minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, makes DWM purified water taste better and is healthier for you so that you and your family can live a fuller life.

Fits in any kitchen

You’d be surprised how little space the DWM requires. Once it is installed under your sink, you will never notice it is even there.

Operates at low pressure

DWM is designed to work in real-world conditions. It is effective even if your home has low incoming water pressure. DWM needs just 28 psi (2 atm) to operate while traditional filters need 3.5+ atm (psi).

Easy and economical to maintain

DWM is a professional-grade system that does not require professional maintenance. Filtration cartridges serve you twice as long due to a minimal amount of waste-water being filtered and discharged. And because of our «Click-and-Turn» technology, replacing cartridges does not require special tools or skills.

Benefits for you and environment

DWM does not require electricity to operate and uses two times less water than conventional water filtration systems. In addition, with a constant supply of drinking water you do not need to buy expensive bottled water, which eliminates a lot of plastic waste. With DWM you not only care about your own health but also the health of the planet.

Reliable protection today and tomorrow

Tap water contains remnants of drugs, antibiotics and hormones. They can cause unpredictable damage to your health every day. Unfortunately, modern municipal sewage treatment plants are unable to completely remove these impurities from the water. DWM protects you against all harmful substances, including antibiotics and hormones, to maintain your health and well-being.

DWM has all the stages of a professional drinking-water treatment plant: preparation, membrane separation and enrichment. During membrane separation molecules of water are extracted from the tap stream, and all impurities, including hardness, bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and hormones, are washed down the drain. Then the water is enriched with potassium and magnesium to improve the taste and health benefits.

Aquaphor K5 Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge
(5 Micron)

Replacement sediment filter manufactured from 100% Polypropylene. It is used to retain solid particles such as sand and rust. Protects further stages of filtration and extends life of home appliances.
Replaced as one piece. If needed, can be disassembled.

Aquaphor K2 Sorption Treatment and Purification Water Filter Cartridge
(3 Micron)

Replacement filter for deep purification of drinking water. Reduces all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 3μm. Replaced with housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria.

Aquaphor K7M Mineralising Water Filter Cartridge
Replacement cartridge for water conditioning. Enriches water with useful minerals for better taste and inproved balance of salts.
Replaced as one peice with the housing, which provides additional protection against bacteria.

We use high quality materials from world leading producers (e. g. BASF, John Guest, Mitsubishi, Puroliteetc.) and control the quality of our filters at every stage of production. Aquaphor undergoes annual certification according to ISO 9001 standard, and our filters are NSF and LGA certified.

Aquaphor Morion DWM101 is TUV and NSF certified

Morion presents a giant leap in drinking water treatment technology. It comprises high performance and ability to fulfil a large family's water needs with extreme compactness and efficiency compared to traditional reverse-osmosis water purifiers. Check out the video to learn how we can help make your life better by applying cutting-edge technology to purify your drinking and cooking water.

With Aquaphor Morion you get perfectly clean and pure water in the most comfortable way
for a significantly lower cost.


Your water

Morion provides the same quality of purified water as premium bottled water. Reverse-osmosis removes virtually all impurities from your water including hardness, chlorine, lead and other metals, bacteria, viruses, Giardia cysts and many more. Water from Morion becomes better for your health, it tastes great and is soft on your kitchen appliances - no more white scale.

Discover the true actual taste of your coffee and tea or crystal clear and transparent ice for your cocktails. Morion can be easily used with ice and coffee-makers and refrigerators.

Ultra post-filtration

Clean water in a storage tank is a comfortable environment for bacteria propagation. To contain them and prevent their growth, Morion is equipped with a state-of-the-art composite bactericidal post-filtration cartridge that stops all impurities down to 0.1 micron (including bacteria and Giardia cysts).

Your water is odor free and perfectly safe, even for kids and allergy sufferers.

Extreme compactness

Morion has up to a 50% smaller footprint than traditional RO purifiers, thanks to build-in storage tank. It is compact enough to fit under your sink. Living in a small or old house is no longer an excuse for drink­ing bad quality water. You deserve the best.


Learn how you can organize the space under your sink with a standard RO unit and with compact Morion RO.

Click to enlarge

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Efficient water storage tank -   Works at 2+ atm

Morion is equipped with a water-on-water storage tank that creates zero counter-pressure for filtered water. This allows you to effectively use Morion at a water pressure as low as 2 atm. without needing a boosting pump. The tank can also be filled with purified water in only 1 hour at the lowest operating pressure.

Save up to 50% of wasted water -   Save 9 tons of water every year

Due to efficient storage tank membrane and valve system, Morion remains the ratio of wasted-to-filtered water below 4:1 no matter how much water there is in the tank and how high is the pressure in water supply.

For traditional RO purifiers with air-on-water storage tank this ratio varies between 10 and 15 at approx. 3 atm pressure and grows towards the end of tank fulfillment.

Given the fact that we usually use 1-2 liters of filtered water at a time, Morion, saves you up to 50% or 9000 liters of water a year.

Save on replacement filters

Morion’s pre-filtration comprises of two filters that purifies all of the water passing through the filter, even the water that is drained later on.

Thanks to Morion’s water efficiency, less water is filtered by two pre-filtration cartridges making them last longer and allowing you to save money.

Easiest Service and Maintenance
you could think of

Cartridges can be easily replaced by following these simple steps: push the button; swing off and swing on until there is a “click” (a quarter turn).

Morion storage tanks are designed to provide easy access for servicing and sanitization purposes. The membrane can be replaced completely – no need to replace the whole tank.

Safe and reliable materials and design

All parts of Morion are manufactured from food-grade recyclable materials during an environment-friendly production process.

Morion is designed to operate at a pressure from 2 to 6 atm, and temporarily withstand up to 21 atm.


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