• B5 Water Filter Jug Cartridge, Pack of 2

B5 Water Filter Jug Cartridge, Pack of 2

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Brand: Aquaphor
Product Code: B5

B100-5 Cartridge (B5)

A filter cartridge for Aquaphor water pitchers. Significantly reduces virtually all harmful impurities from tap water, improves its color, taste and odor. Increased filter life — 300 liters. Equipped with a convenient calendar reminder.

Cartridge life: 300L or 2 months

BPA-free plastics

Contains Aqualen fibers

Enhanced with bactericidal additive

For AQUAPHOR water filter jugs only. Fits models: Provance, Premium, Prestige, Ultra, Gratis, City, Country, Art, Garry, North, Lucky, Ocean, Triumph, Almaz, and Prestige.

Shipping weight: 0.4 Kg

Pack of 2 cartridges

Contaminant Reduction

Aquaphor filter cartridges dramatically reduce most harmful substances found in tap water, including:
- sediment, such as rust, sand, mud, pollen
- chlorine, chloroform and other organic chlorine compounds
- metals and heavy metals: iron, lead, mercury, copper, aluminum
- petrochemicals
- phenols
- large bacteria

TÜV Nord ISO 9001:2008 Certified

US Patents N. 6 299 771;  and 6 514 413; GB Patent N. 242 215; DE Patent N. 11 2005 000 643
Manufactured in EU from BPA-free plastics